Latest news on Job Evaluation

cuts MPA briefing paper, ballot form and grievance form was sent to you all recently from our Swansea office. Thanks for all those that have returned information. We have lodged over 400 individual grievances on those that sent them in.

The indicative ballot has now closed and we shall be discussing the result at the next branch meeting and deciding the way forward.

We met with the Council at the Negotiating Group recently and both disputes about the Job Evaluation Allocation process and the changes to your Terms and Conditions of Contract have referred to the joint secretaries of the All Wales Joint Council. There has also been a Pay and Grading Review newsletter sent out by Pembrokeshire County Council. It helpfully informs all staff of the trade union position however it is not accurate about our position.

Since we started looking at Job Evaluation after the Single Status Agreement in 1999 there has always been an understanding that it is a joint process so we were surprised to learn that the Leader of the Council, Cllr. John Davies responded to our statement in the Western Telegraph that "Job Evaluation is a management exercise". We have asked when this position changed and we have yet to receive a satisfactory answer.

We have also asked that there is a written description for each job from which to make the allocation. We did not ask for existing questionnaires to be used, revisited or started again but we disagreed that the allocation should take place based only on a Senior Manager's knowledge.

It rightly reports that we have not withdrawn altogether and let us hope that that the successful and speedy conclusion will be arrived at jointly!

What is job evaluation?

Job Evaluation (JE) is an attempt to provide a systematic approach to determining the relative worth of jobs within a workplace. Job Evaluation itself does not determine the rate of pay it simply produces a hierarchy of jobs. Job Evaluation is not about the job holder - it is about the demands made by the job and the value of the job in the organisation